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A Short History of Nearly Everything
Bill Bryson
We, the Drowned
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The Hope

The Hope - Herman Wouk 1948, the year succeeding our year of independence and thus is of not much of significance for us but this was the year which carried the beacon of hope for the million Jews scattered around the globe. This was the year when much disputed state of Israel was created by the British as they prepare to embark on the journey back home. After the slaughtering by the hands of Germans in the second world war , it was felt that the Jews need a state of their own in order to survive and that gave birth to a state called Israel. The state of Israel thus created was puny in size and was in the state of grave annihilation even before its birth as all the Islamic countries surrounding it were preparing to lay their claim on the holy land Jerusalem which was in Israel territory. Thus with the birth of a nation began its struggle for survival and a book by Harman Wouk.
This time span covered in the book is from the birth of Israel till the year six day war took place circa ’66 .’The hope’ gives a superb description of the scenario faced by the Jews during those troubled times , especially the political scenario. This book encapsulates all the actions right from the home politics, actions at the frontier to the debates in the assembly hall of U.N and that also with great aplomb. The most intriguing emotion which the author captured through the story is the failing hope of the Jews toward Israel , due to the hostility of the surrounding nations not everyone was optimistic about the chances of this state. But at the end the courage of a few handfuls outranked the hostility of the millions and hopelessness of the thousands.
The main attraction of this book is the two wars which commence and finish the book, because the spellbinding narration that will take your breath away and you will be praying for the success of the Israel state without fail.
What I found good about this book is the gripping narration and the aplomb with which the story progresses. The author claimed that all historical facts are accurate with some minor alteration to suit the story which I cannot vouch for as I have no idea about the history of Israel . Mr. Wouk waived a very beautiful and apt story amidst all these histories which make it impossible to stop reading. The author has taken the liberty of including the fictional character and some of them inspired by the real life character to suit the story. This book spanning some eight hundred pages doesn’t feel like one thanks to the superb narration.
Therefore do I recommend this book?? Of course I do but if and only if historical fiction is your forte otherwise not to mention eight hundred pages will look like a lifetime.