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A Short History of Nearly Everything
Bill Bryson
We, the Drowned
Emma Ryder, Liz Jensen, Charlotte Barslund, Carsten Jensen

Russka: The Novel of Russia

Russka: The Novel of Russia - Edward Rutherfurd
It took me thirteen days straight to finish this book but at the end it’s very satisfying because this book is worth the every effort and the time it demands.
Spanning across 1800 years, this book describes the fictional account of Russian history. The story commences from the time when Russia was no more than an unoccupied steppe half covered in snow, and covered the whole history of Russia up till the early 90’s .The story revolves around the bloodline of two families whose several generation’s experience through the times of Russia nearly compiles whole of the book.
The author has laid more emphasis on the medieval period of Russian history encompassing and describing in great details the times of Ivan the terrible, Peter the great and Catherine .Also the author has gone into great detail to describe the rule of various tsar in terms of society , religion , military Etc. . All the important events in Russia’s history are incorporated in the story along with the actual outcomes and due to the author's eloquence it’s very easy to incorporate.
It was rather interesting to read about the advent of the revolution which destroyed the rule of the tsar. The involvement of important personalities like Lenin and Stalin stir up the interest in the story and although there is not much but their role in the revolution are impeccably described.
All in all hats off to Edward Rutherfurd for pulling off such a marvelous work