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A Short History of Nearly Everything
Bill Bryson
We, the Drowned
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The Christmas Train

The Christmas Train - David Baldacci Have you ever read a book ,which gives you such a elated sense of happiness that you wish that the book never ends.
Well,if you haven't, that book is right here.

This book featuring Tom Langdon as a journalist who boards a train to traverse across whole of America,in order to fulfill a promise he made to his father.Tom jolly and carefree as ever boards the train unaware of the fact that this is going to be the most important and weird journey of his life.Apart from accosting his ex-girlfriend and suffering theft of some valuables,his train got stuck in an avalanche.And if that wasn't enough,Tom almost got killed rescuing the train.

With hordes of character with such a diverse personalities,Mr. Baldacci has done a splendid job assembling the cast of the story.Also the author has so meticulously defined the details of the train journey that I can almost envisage the view of falling snow and clear sky as seen from the train's window.

The story is rather slow in the beginning but as it starts going it leaves everything behind in the cloud of black smoke.This book is basically a romantic prose with a mysterious twist(or its the other way round,I can't tell the difference).It's a rather thin book by Mr. Baldacci standard but nonetheless full of life.