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A Short History of Nearly Everything
Bill Bryson
We, the Drowned
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The Templar Legacy

The Templar Legacy - Steve Berry Well, it's about time we recognize and create a distinct genre for these types of books and save from getting shoved from thriller to historical and again to thriller shelves. It's confusing isn't.

These authors, the likes Dan brown, Steve berry Etc forges a thriller pivoting it around so much of historical fact that it feels like a history non fiction.

Whom am I complaining, I love these types of books.

About the book, as the name suggest, this book is centered around the knight temples and the whole wealth amass by them during their reign. According the book the Templar brotherhood still exists and is trying to acquire their lost wealth along with an entity called 'the great device' which threatened to shake the roots of the Christianity, if revealed to the world. On the other hand the protagonist along with some of his acquaintances is trying to prevent them from doing so. The story involves a fair amount of twist and turn which goes well with the plot.

The author has taken lots trouble with the research work which shows in the book as most of the facts are accounted for.

Overall this book is a splendid read and is recommended to every history buff.

And about the genre, should we call it "his thrill", huh??just kidding.